Opolo Capital

Global Real Estate Asset Management and Investment Advisory


We are a new generation of real estate advisers that offer international exposures on capital raising and formulate dynamic managing strategies for investors on real estate investments and acquisitions. We specialize in operating with investors from transitional markets onward to real estate investments in stabilized regions through in depth planning and strategic management.

Our company focuses on direct investments with overseas capitalization on specific real estate sectors and markets by identifying undervalued or underutilized assets and recreate value. Our extensive network and sourcing with pioneers of real estate professions throughout different parts of the world enable us to gain access on prosperous real estate assets with our capital partners.

Our team have over 20 years of international real estate exposures overlooking investments where we advise and under manage assets in combination of capital exceeding $300 million USD (southeast Asia;PRC). Our excellence of strategic planning have led to triumph success towards investment targets with our capital partners. We currently continue to pursue after assets and development opportunities in North America and South East Asia regions.


Global Capital

Our global advisory team and networking partners enable us to reach out on international investors that seeks overseas real estate investments and opportunities in stabilized markets

Risks Management

We highly value on every transaction and every investments that we procure with our capital partners while we understand the significance of long term preserving wealth management as the main priority on ensuring prosperity growth

One Stop Shop Advisory

Apart from real estate investments, we also offer our affiliate line of services including Immigration Investment consulting, Hospitality and Project management, Project consulting and advisory, making it a true one stop shop real estate advisory for our international investors

Award Winning Experiences

We have gained our reputation with developers and capital partners through global project contributions; our latest involvement in the Southeast Asia region among one of the largest mixed-use retail commercial and residential project “N.Yu Development Project” where we were invited abroad during its preliminary stages in effort on capital raising for the domestic developer, with over a Gross Develop-able Area of 2.95 million sqft, it is now acquired by a public REIT in the Asia region (totaling project cost exceeding $1 billion USD)



Core Deals

Core Deals

Acquisitions on stabilized real estate assets that are preferably at below replacement cost inside Metropolitan Markets or tier one cities with high tenant occupancy rates that generates high demographic growths and rent yields


Long term steady appreciation on targeted assets with sustainable cash flow income performing low-moderate of risks

Add Value

Add Value

Buyouts on real estate assets with improvisation through value adding towards investments with a series of intensive operational management or recapitalization followed by other possible medium-to-high-return strategies. It involves with acquiring and repositioning a property and disposition at an opportune time for gain.


Capital improvements on undervalued assets that yields opportunities through conversion of redevelopments or reconstructions that generates high profitable returns in near future



Investments on real estate assets through a complexity level of components that might involve with elements such as ground up real estate development, raw land acquisitions, opportunities in emerging markets that offers high leverage yields


Acquisition on assets which will require a level of high degree enhancement and tactical management involving high risks in achieving out-sized substantial profits in return


Residential Acquisitions & Joint Ventures Criteria
We are actively seeking for JV opportunities and acquisitions on multifamily investment properties and residential development opportunities
• Core deals of Apartment complexes assets
• Deal size: up to $100 million USD on any single acquisition
• Urban communities or residential complexes preferably 10 years of age or younger
• Submarkets of Metropolitan cities in the US with strong demographics and potential future growth on employments and population
Target cities including but not limited to: Boston, New York, Northern New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC

Office Acquisitions & Joint Ventures Criteria
We are actively seeking for existing Class-B Office building in Manhattan New York.
• Stabilized occupancy
• Deal size: minimum of 100,000 sqft of net saleable and up
• Freehold

For inquires or to submit a property please contact us: JV@opolocapital.com